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Foundation Repair 

Foundation damage can be dangerous for your home, family, and finances—especially when it’s left ignored. At Eddie's Masonry, we’re committed to helping homeowners throughout Syracuse and Central, New York discover permanent foundation repair solutions. With a team of highly trained and experienced foundation contractor, patented and custom-designed repair solutions, written warranties on all of our systems, and free no-obligation cost estimates, we’re here to eliminate the overwhelm and unknown. Experience peace of mind—call Eddie's Masonry today to get started.

Sighs of foundation structural problems

Foundation problems tend to develop slowly, but if you don't keep an eye on them and make repairs when necessary, you will find yourself spending a whole lot of money down the line. Bowing walls, stair step cracks,  sagging floors, sticking windows and more will make life at home uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Additionally, when it's time to sell your home, you'll either have to resolve all foundation problems or take a hit on your home's overall value.

Foundation wall rebuild 

Foundation additon installation

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